RAWkin’ is the creation of Shkehlaht Belit Yisrael. A master (raw) living foodist of over 20 years, reiki master, iridologist, reflexologist and mother, she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge so that we all can be masters of our lives.RAWkin’ is the premier wholistic living collaboration. We are an wholistic company dedicated to serving you. We believe in healing the whole: spirit, mind, body and soul. Our goal is to help you reconnect, realign and rejuvenate all of you to the oneness in which you were created. We do this by creating individual programs that will help heal each individual entity and then reintegrate these entities to function interdependently. We strive to recreate in you the original synchronicity and synergism of complete oneness. We are dedicated to helping you succeed in all of your endeavors.So come, join us and let us RAWk the world, together.