Food Choices

Greetings all!

Here we are, once again.  Starting off this new blog with something I read regarding another McDonald’s experiment.  Some of you may remember the documentary “Super-size Me”, wherein the author did a month long study of health changes while eating exclusively McDonald’s for a period of thirty days.

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Weight gain during pregnancy


have been meaning to post about this for a while. recently it was out in cyber space that women need to gain up to 35 pounds during pregnancy. 35 pounds? really?  why? searched for quite some time to find out why that is.  as usual the information is quite skewed.

stating a need to gain up to 35 pounds, when what they really need to say here are the points that will cause you to gain weight.  totally different than women sitting around eating to gain an extra 35 pounds.  

the actual weight gain will come in the following areas:

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