Food Choices

Greetings all!

Here we are, once again.  Starting off this new blog with something I read regarding another McDonald’s experiment.  Some of you may remember the documentary “Super-size Me”, wherein the author did a month long study of health changes while eating exclusively McDonald’s for a period of thirty days.

He expressed in brief that he had gained weight, his cholesterol had increased dramatically and he felt terrible.  He stated that this is what can happen on a diet exclusively from McDonald’s.

Another man recently did a similar experiment, where he ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at only McDonald’s for ninety days.  He claims to have an opposite experience.  He states that he actually lost 37 pounds and his cholesterol decreased.  He claims that it is not McDonald’s that causes us health challenges, but our food choices.

I agree, to a point.  First, he restricted his caloric intake to 2000 per day.  That in and of itself will allow for weight loss.  It will also allow for cholesterol to decrease.  While his experiences may be true, his restriction of calories is not true of the average person who visits and consumes McDonald’s on a regular basis.  Most people ARE not watching how many calories they eat.   A good majority of people ARE not exercising regularly, which this man did throughout his experiment.

My point, yes, it is true that we make choices for our food.  The wisdom lies in knowing the right things to eat, how much to eat, to drink enough water and to exercise.  All of these things need to take place.  As for McDonald’s, really, to be healthy, how can they offer a burger that counts by itself for almost one half of a person’s calories?  How can they use fryers and cholesterol laden oils and still want to be taken seriously as a company who is considerate of one’s health?

I say eat more raw, NOW.

Let’s RAWk!!!