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Peaceside…. is original, hand-crafted, one of a kind macrame designs made of hemp, cotton, jute and other natural materials. Macrame is an ancient art form of knotting that pre-dates 221 BCE. Its’ techniques were used to decorate ceremonial costumes, paintings and wall hangings. peaceside is the ultra-funky, hip, swagg, eco-style. Our designs are the cutting edge of wearable art. Totally sustainable, totally natural, totally chill. peaceside………

All pieces are one size fits most, larger sizes and contrast colors may be requested. Actual colors are dependent upon availability.

Buy any two and get $50 off!

Please allow 21 days for creation of each piece. Have an idea? Contact us and we will do our best to create what your vision:contact us @

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 – this is a waist length fringed top, the ultimate for your night out. this long sleeve original also incorporates natural beads. sure to be the talk of the evening. 
Price: $300


bet – the absolute in ease and flow. this skirt is split on either leg and is light and breezy, adorned with beads. pairs with aleph. 
Price: $300

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gimmel – the perfect overlay to go from day to night, it features a scoop neck and a dash of color. perfect compliment to any wardrobe.
Price: $150


dahlet – this assymetrical skirt ties on the side for the greatest of ease and comfort. made to flatter. lightweight jute. pairs with gimmel.
Price: $200

heh – designed for the cooler evenings, this shawl is very fexible; it can be open tied or just over one shoulder. Fashioned from of heavy jute.
Price: $200

vahv – this skirt is designed for the cooler evenings; tied on the side, adorned with beads, made with heavy jute. pairs with heh.

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zayin –  short, fringed top, great for layering.  accented with natural beads.
Price: $175


khet – this slip on skirt ties on either side and features split legs, adorned with beads.  pairs with zayin. 
Price: $200