RAWkin’ it!
We don’t cook, WE RAWk!!!!!

Would it not be great to have totally RAWkin’ meals delivered to your home? Meals that are healthy, nutritious and delicious? Here at RAWkin’ your health is our goal. We create fresh foods daily just for YOU!

A personal chef/catering service is one of the many things we do.

We prepare the foods in our kitchen and deliver them to your house or place of employ.

How we RAWk it!

We offer meal service for singles, couples, and families.  Each package is customized for the client, and specific pricing will be based on client’s needs and the frequency of the service.

We will meet and discuss your food preferences, possible allergies, and your goals for the service. We will provide you with sample menus of our vast creations so that you can get a feel for what we can do and share what you find most appealing. Next we RAWk it!  We create personal menus just for you!

Pricing Includes:

  • A personal client interview to determine your food preferences, and dietary needs
  • Same day grocery shopping to insure the freshest ingredients
  • Travel to your home or place of employ to deliver your meals
  • 10% Discount For first Time Customers!
  • 10% Refer a Friend Discount!

Standard Prices
Complete meals start at $26 (includes: three dishes and green salad, dessert extra)

Additional Fees:

Special Lifestyle Fee
Specialized menus require a recipe and menu development fee of $35/per session. This fee is for the creation of menus that are restrictive due to low tolerance.

Please note our normal menu is no white salt, no white sugar, no bleached grains, no additives, no preservatives and no GMO’s. We strive to use locally grown/organic sprouts, fruits,vegetables, nuts and seeds. All of our creations are 100% living, unless noted as otherwise.


For our repeat customers, we operate a sustainable system utilizing reusable containers.
At this time we currently use BPA FREE, reusable containers for our clients.
You wash your containers and have them ready when we bring you your next meal. ($10 deposit for containers and jars).  We will be converting to glass containers, at which time the deposit will reflect any difference in price.

RAWkin’ it!!!!

RAWkin’ You! – Live Food Prep Classes

Living Food Preparation Classes
Have you always wanted to learn about living food preparation? Have you been wanting to include more healthy meals in your repertoire?

If you have been thinking living foods only consist of carrots and lettuce, think again. With a wide menu selection to choose from, let RAWkin’  show you some of the joys of including more living foods in your lifestyle.

Preparation classes typically center around one appetizer, three dishes and one dessert, and can be customized to your needs.

When the class is finished you and your friends can sit back and enjoy your work while we make your kitchen sparkle and shine.

RAWkin’ It Out – Pantry and Refrigerator/Freezer Clean Out

When was the last time you actually cleaned out your pantry and/or refrigerator/freezer?

If you don’t remember, perhaps it’s time to allow RAWkin’ to RAWk It Out for you.

We will clean out your pantry, refrigerator/freezer with safe, ecological cleansers and leave everything sparkling.

RAWkin’ The Street – Meals At your place of Employ

We will prepare delicious living foods meals for you to pick up or to have delivered.

We will meet with you to discuss your needs and preferences. From there we will create YOUR menu, create it fresh each time and pack it full of love.

RAWkin’ Catering

Planning on having a dinner party or some other event for up to 12 people? Stuck on food creation and preparation? Let us come and RAWk The House!

RAWkin’ The House

RAWkin’ will take care of the shopping, the food preparation and clean up so you will be allowed to be a guest at your own party.

Just think of the stress free hours you will enjoy knowing everything is taken care of.

RAWkin’ Chef

We will set up a convenient day and time for me to come over and prepare in your home.

We bring all necessary equipment and tools we will need to prepare your meals.

All meals will be packaged and refrigerated.

Your kitchen will be left clean and smelling wonderful.

RAWkin’ Love (e-RAW-tic)

Is there a special day coming up, birthday, anniversary or just because?

Instead of your typical off to the local restaurant, why not bring the restaurant to your home?

Let us come and RAWk You! by creating a delicious, nutritious and scrumptious meal in your home.

We will come to your house, set up and help create the ambience for your special night! As you are enjoying your meal, we will clean up completely and  discretely vacate the premises to allow you to injoy yourselves.

We will provide an appetizer, three dishes and a dessert. This plan can also be customized.

More RAWkin’ Programs

We also offer the following programs:

“RAWkin’ Roll”
• A joint visit to local markets and stores and help you select the best living food choices for you and your family that will help you gain more control over your health, achieve more energy and decrease stress.

“RAWkin’ It Off”
• A tailored program designed to help you achieve your healthy weight, relieve stress, be more energetic, decrease chances of contracting heart disease, by incorporating simple concepts, a tailored exercise program and adding more living foods to your lifestyle.

“RAWkin’ It All”
• The platinum program that is designed to help you create a complete wholistic lifestyle that balances mind, body, soul and spirit. Through a one on one program designed just for you we work together on creating a balanced you, by using meditation, a nutritional program, exercise and sacred healing techniques.

“RAWkin’ Conception”
• An individual program to help women in who desire to be in conception or who are in conception prepare for and maintain a healthy environment to promote her health and the health of her sacred seed, through including more living foods, meditation and exercise.

“RAWkin’ In Training”
• A living foods program especially developed for children. This program is designed to teach children about the benefits of eating more living foods and increase their awareness of their value.

“RAWkin’ Without Toxins”
• Seasonal fasting programs, using living foods, fresh fruit and vegetable juice and herbs, this program is designed to get rid of some of the toxins we are exposed to daily, allow you to rest easier, eliminate more completely and handle stress more efficiently.


  • Time Saved
  • Shopping Done For You
  • Meals Brought To You or Prepared In Your Home
  • We Do The Planning
  • No Stress
  • Huge Variety Of Menus
  • Healthy, Delicious Meals
  • No Preservatives, No Additives, No Chemicals, No Coloring, No MSG, No Hybrids, Nothing Artificial, No GMOS
  • No Worries About Over Eating
  • Created With Lots of Love

Gift Certificates– personalized gift certificates are available for any package

All meals are subject to availability and season. All orders require at least 50% non-refundable deposit.

Get RAWkin’, call us today and jump start your health!

We don’t cook, WE RAWk!

Wholistic Services

Sacred Reiki

  • Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that uses the inherent energy of the giver and receiver to promote healing in the body of the receiver. These treatments can be hands on, hands off or distance. The receiver typically lays down, as in a massage, though fully clothed, and the giver uses specific hand positions over the body to help energy flow.


  • This is a type of massage for relaxation specifically designed for the hands or feet. Reflexology stimulates the meridians, energy pathways, that end in the hands and feet. The meridians connect the different organs to the end points of the hands and feet, so that when stimulated can help promote healing within the body.


  • Iridology is a means of locating potential areas of weakness by looking at the iris of the eye. Like the hands and feet, the eye also has connections to the body that can show where a part of the body may be getting weak, or a show a past dis-ease or illness.

Seminars, Lectures and Classes

  • For more information on any of the services or to create a tailor made program, please contact us using the contact form.

Let’s RAWk !!!