What’s Rawkin?

What’s RAWkin’ !!!

RAW. What comes to mind when we think of the word RAW? Pure, clean, unadulterated, natural, fresh. These are just some of the words that come to my mind when I think of RAW. I also think about more than foods when I think of RAW. Not only do I think of food, I think of lifestyles, people, the planet, sustainability and simple living.

We are living in very exciting times. Times of growth and ascension. Times of introspection, wherein we need to look within before looking out. Times of retrospection, where we need to look at the past and take the necessary steps to move forward, having made the changes required to pass the test.

We have been here before, yet this time it is imperative that WE come together in unity to move forward to the future. RAWkin’ is all about these concepts. Remembering our past, all of our past, in order to provide us with a bright future. Ancient healing and sacred wisdom have been returned to our grasp: how to eat, think and live in harmony with ourselves, each other, nature and the world.

So come on in, check us out, share us with your friends and Let us RAWk the world, together.

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  • Monthly Living Food Celebrations – Contact us for more information.
  • Sacred Seeds, Reclaiming Our Children. This is a concise record of creating sacred seeds from preparing for conception through child’s 7th year.

Sacred Reiki I, II and III (coming soon)

Transitioning to an Wholistic Lifestyle (coming soon)
Transition to Veganism (coming soon)
Transitioning to Living Foods (coming soon)